Prenatal and Toddler Programs

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From the time a child is born, and even before that joyous day, it brings new delights and hopes to a family and community. What will he grow up to be? What impact will she have on the world? How can parents help their child reach its greatest potential?

Kamehameha Schools connects parents and children to programs and services in their communities, available from pre-birth to preschool and beyond.

1) Select the island where you’d like to find a program or service in this age group.

2) Select an option that finishes the statement: My child or I would like to…

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My child or I would like to …


… learn how to play and socialize.

Ka Paʻalana<br />Partners In Development Foundation  (PIDF) image

… attend preschool in a shelter near me.

KS Preschools image

… attend preschool supported by KS.

Pauahi Keiki Scholars image

… go to non-KS preschool but receive financial support.

Pūlama I Nā Keiki (Alu Like, Inc.) image

… learn child rearing and child development

Pūnana Leo Preschools (Aha Pūnana Leo, Inc.) image

… attend a preschool conducted in Hawaiian language.

Tūtū & Me Partners In Development Foundation (PIDF) image

… attend a traveling preschool in my community.