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COVID-19 symptoms and testing

What to do if symptoms develop

If a student develops COVID-19 symptoms while at school, the school health rooms will have a designated area for isolation and care will be administered by Health Services staff.

An administrator will ensure that spaces where the student spent more than ten minutes are cleaned and disinfected before the next day when other students will be in them.

Parents will be requested to pick up their child within 1-2 hours. If no parent response is received after two hours, an emergency contact will be called.

Students with other non-COVID-19 like symptoms will follow normal school protocols.

Please note these symptoms and the readmit process may need to be adjusted over time to reflect any new federal or state guidance.

COVID-19 testing

The testing described below is voluntary and at no cost to the student or employee. Testing is intended to help improve the safety of the learning environment and is intended for those who attend a kula in person.


To help monitor the effectiveness of preventive measures and identify asymptomatic cases as an additional layer of protection, we will be conducting periodic testing. Testing will be saliva-based PCR and is anticipated to occur monthly, but the frequency may change based on conditions including community prevalence. For campus students and employees, testing will occur on campus on school days. For preschool students and employees, home test kits will be made available for ordering, and they will sign a consent form as part of the test kit ordering process each time they order a test kit. For campus-based students and employees to participate in the surveillance testing, a consent form must be signed in the KS electronic health record Mo‘omō‘ali Olakino (, and this will authorize participation for the remainder of the school year. Parents/guardians will access the EHR the same way as they did for medical clearance before the start of the school year. Employees will be able to access the EHR using their KS email and password. Test results will be reported through the EHR, and individuals who test positive will be personally contacted.

Instructions on how to sign the consent form authorizing voluntary testing for COVID-19 (COVID Consent Form):

Information on saliva-based testing

  • We’ll collect 1.0-1.5 mL of saliva.
  • For 1 hour beforehand, no eating, drinking, chewing gum, brushing teeth, or otherwise placing anything in your mouth, or the sample may be invalid.
  • Drooling is preferred as spitting can add air bubbles and mucus to the sample.
  • Learn more at


Students who develop any COVID-19 symptom(s) at school, that is not a typical symptom of a known condition, will be isolated, and their parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up the student. If there is a signed consent for testing on file, when the parent/guardian is contacted to pick up their child, they will be asked if they would like for their child to be tested. If they give verbal consent, a rapid test will be performed. This is an antigen test of a sample collected by nasal swab. Nasal swabbing of elementary students will only be performed with their parent/guardian present. A negative antigen test will not be sufficient for a student to be cleared to return to school; a PCR test or doctor’s note is needed as described above. The parent/guardian may instead or in addition consent to a PCR test. This PCR test will utilize a nasoparyngeal swab and be performed at a local lab. We are working with this lab to be able to offer a saliva-based option for symptomatic testing.

Close contact

If close contacts are on campus when KS learns of a confirmed case that had been onsite, we will attempt to collect saliva-based specimen from those for whom we have received signed consent for testing before the are picked up. If the close contacts are not on campus, KS may arrange for drive through testing or may recommend ‘ohana contact their healthcare providers. Testing upon being identified as a close contact can help identify if a close contact was potentially infectious prior to entering quarantine. A negative test does not obviate the need to quarantine for 10 days from the last exposure.

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