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How to apply

Kamehameha Schools (KS) offers need-based aid to supplement educational costs (tuition, fees and meals) for students attending its three K-12 campuses. Students must reapply each year and awards may change due to a family’s current information.

The application process for the 2024-2025 school year is open to students currently attending or planning to attend one of the three Kamehameha Schools campuses.

Verify eligibility

Please verify that you meet the requirements. See eligibility information further down on this page.

Apply online

Complete the online application through FACTS Grant & Aid and pay an application fee of $35.

  • For parents who live in the same household: Complete one application.
  • For parents who live in separate households and share physical custody: Each parent is required to submit an application.

Upload financial documentation

We require that you submit both your 2022 signed federal income tax return along with any applicable tax schedules and any non-taxable income document listed on your application (if applicable).

Custodial information

If the child’s biological parents are not currently married, you will be required to submit all necessary court documents (divorce decrees, custody agreements, legal guardianship, etc.) to confirm legal custody.

Custodial information establishes who has the legal authority to make decisions and to sign school documents on behalf of this child. Custodial documentation and questions regarding custody should be submitted to the Kamehameha Schools Ho‘oulu Verification Services.

Await your decision letter

Kamehameha Schools decision letters will be emailed starting May 2024.

Application calendar


Application opens


Application deadline


Must be enrolled in one of three K-12 campuses.

How financial aid is calculated

Kamehameha Schools consider many factors in determining how much we believe your family can contribute toward educational expenses. We look at your income and expenses, assets and debts, taxes paid, household size, and number of children enrolled in any program that charges tuition. Despite what you may have heard, there is no specific income cutoff for financial aid and we encourage all families to apply.

A family’s eligibility for financial assistance is determined through careful and thorough analysis of the information provided on your FACTS Grant & Aid application coupled with information provided from a copy of your family’s federal tax returns. FACTS and KS’ financial aid methodology will provide KS with a dollar figure of a family’s available income derived from our review. KS will then consider a portion of your family’s available income to be used towards the cost to attend KS.

Parents often ask, “What is the cut-off point for my income?” There isn’t one. If you think the cost to send your keiki to KS exceeds your ability to pay tuition, then you should apply for financial aid. The financial status of each family differs, which has an impact on their ability to pay for education. KS will analyze your family situation to determine your eligibility.

Once a student is awarded financial aid from KS, families will need to submit a FACTS application and required documents each subsequent year. Assuming a family continues to demonstrate the same level of need, financial aid will continue to be awarded to attend KS.

Allowable expenses include housing, vehicle, childcare, insurance, tuition from other charging schools, and student loans. We also allocate living expenses using data provided by the Department of Labor Statistics which is determined by your household size and family income.

Assets include cash, savings, home equity, other real estate investments, stocks, bonds, securities, retirement accounts, stock options, and vehicles. A percentage of assets is protected based on Parents of Dependents protected assets table produced by the Federal Register to produce total available assets. KS will factor in a percentage of asset contribution that is dependent on parent age, parents in household and amount of assets.

If you cannot afford the tuition for your child, apply for financial aid. If you applied and your application is denied, call your campus administrator to discuss your situation.

Additional information


The FACTS Grant & Aid application is a family application. One application can be used to apply to multiple students in the household for multiple Prek-12 financial aid and scholarship programs.

Yes, returning students must reapply annually for financial aid consideration.

Yes, you may use your current login with FACTS to complete the 2024-2025 financial application.

Parent(s) may select program applying to in section number five of the application process. Upon school selection you will be asked to select program (or Organization) you are applying to. Check boxes for program must be selected for KS to view your application

FACTS Grant & Aid is the third party vendor used to process KS Preschool through Grade 12 financial aid and scholarship applications.

Yes, the non-refundable application fee is $35.00 and payable to FACTS Grant & Aid. All fees are paid through the online application process.

KS offers a limited number of fee waivers for qualified students.

Are fee waivers available to cover the cost of the application?

  • Birth parents in same household – Birth parents complete one application and provide their contact and financial information.
  • Birth parents live in separate households: Each birth parent is required to submit a FACTS Grant & Aid application.

Custodial parent may submit an explanation of circumstances to help KS understand the current family situation with the whereabouts of a parent. The explanation of circumstances will be reviewed, and additional information may be requested.

Yes, you may log back in to the FACTS Grant & Aid system and complete the application by the program deadline.

No, any circumstances that occur after the program deadline will not be honored.

No, you do not need to create a new account. You can apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships using your current FACTS login information.

Parent(s) may select program applying to in section number five of the application process. Upon school selection you will be asked to select program (or Organization) you are applying to. Check boxes for program must be selected for KS to view your application.

See this general list of required documents:

  • 2022 signed federal income tax return and all schedules
  • Any non-taxable income document listed on your application
    • Public assistance (TANF, SNAP, etc.)
    • Social Security benefits
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Child support
  • Court-approved custody documentation
  • Ward of State documentation

You may upload your documents directly to your application.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming receipt of your application and/or required documents within 24 hours of submission.

FACTS Grant & Aid or KS will send an email and/or phone call notification if your application is incomplete.

Yes, feel free to come in to a Resource Center near you. Please complete the appointment scheduler to lock in a date/time:

Our PreK-12 Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs are need based. FACTS Grant & Aid uses the information you provide on your application and supporting documents to calculate your financial need. The need is the estimated amount your family will need to support your student’s education.

Because school costs and family situations vary considerably, there is no specific income limit that determines eligibility. We encourage everyone to apply if you feel you cannot meet your educational expenses.

Need kōkua?

(808) 534-8080 or 1-800-842-IMUA and press 3 (Neighbor Island/Continental U.S.)