The Legacy of a princess

Kamehameha Schools was founded by the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the great-granddaughter of Kamehameha the Great.

Pauahi Legacy
Kindergarten taking a closer look at a butterfly.
Credit: Kumu Emma
K-2 Science has been exploring insects, the wetland and Hawaii’s mountains!

Kindergarten just completed a mini unit on insects. The Maui Butterfly Farm came to visit to show the students the complete life cycle of the butterfly. The students got to see eggs, held caterpillars, a chrysalis and even got to have butterflies on their shirt!

First grade just got back from a field trip at Keālia Pond. The students have been learning about the wetland as a habitat and have learned about five wetland birds. On the field trip, they got to see the Aeʻo, Alae keʻokeʻo and the ʻAukuʻu! The students also helped the birds get ready for nesting season by removing the pickleweed that grows around the ponds. 

Second grade has been learning about the Hawaiian Islands and how they formed. Each class made their own map of the Hawaiian Islands and labeled the mountains found on each island. They have researched a volcano and discovered its elevation and volcanic history.  Now, they are just beginning to build the volcano in teams! 

Submitted by: Kumu Emma Oberg, K-2 Science Kumu

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