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Ho‘oulu Verification Services


Important reminders

Completing the HAR form
  • Please read and follow all instructions before filling out the HAR form. HAR forms which are improperly completed will be subject to processing delays. Detailed instructions can be found on the back of the HAR form as well as on page Step 1: Completing the HAR Form.
  • It is very important to submit the HAR form with an appropriate signature. Processing will be delayed for forms which are improperly signed. See the section "Signature" for specific signature requirements.
  • To minimize processing delays, fill out the entire HAR form. Unless otherwise indicated, all family information is required, including information for non Hawaiian family members. See the section on "Family ancestry information" for instructions on completing the HAR form if information is unknown.
  • For all family members, provide names given at birth in the area indicated (next to the  circled numbers). Other names, including married names, should be listed in the designated  area. See the section on "Names to provide for the applicant and ancestors" for requirements if a legal name change is involved.
Multiple applicants/siblings
  • A complete HAR form is required for each applicant. Data Center staff cannot transfer information from another HAR form on your behalf.
  • Data Center will use parent and grandparent documents already on file from other relatives. See the section "Names of KS or Ho‘oulu Hawaiian Data Center registered relatives" for instructions.
Required documents
  • Certified copies of original documents (birth certificates, court documents, etc.) must be submitted. Photocopies cannot be used for verification. See page Step 2: Gathering Documents for more information.
  • Allow ample time to obtain required documents. Some agencies may require at least 4–6 weeks for a document to be issued.
  • The applicant's birth certificate is always required, including when parent and grandparent birth certificates are obtained from a sibling file. See page Step 2: Gathering Documents for documentation requirements.
  • Preschool applicants: Photocopies of birth certificates submitted to the Admissions  Department with preschool applications are not forwarded to the Data Center and would not be used for verification since we require certified copies of documents.
Verification process
  • Be sure to respond to Data Center requests for documentation or information promptly, especially if applying to a KS program. Applicants who do not complete the verification process in a timely manner will not be considered under Kamehameha Schools' policy which gives preference to applicants of Hawaiian ancestry to the extent permitted by law.
  • You will receive a verification letter from the Data Center upon completion of the verification process. The letter acknowledges that the Hawaiian ancestry for the named applicant has been verified by the Data Center in accordance with its procedures. This information will remain on file with the Data Center for us to access any time you apply for a KS program. Please keep the letter on hand for future reference.
  • Keep us informed of changes to your contact information, even after you've completed the verification process so that we can keep our database current.
KS students and alumni

Current KS students and alumni must verify their Hawaiian ancestry with the Data Center if they wish to receive preference in accordance with KS' policy for future programs to which they may apply. Our verification procedures and standards may have changed since the time that the student or graduate was enrolled at KS.